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Is Eurosport a bookmaker?

No, we are not a bookmaker. We are a tipping service that provide picks.


May I give you my money so that you can manage it for me?

No, we don’t manage money, we give advice.


What is the “bankroll”?

It’s the capital a bettor decides to set aside for sports betting and it’s also his maximum risk. Sportyy decides how much to risk on every pick as a percentage of the bankroll.

Which bookmakers do you recommend to bet with?

The best option is to have a wide range of bookies so that you can have access to the best average odds. In the long run there is a significant difference between betting with just 1 or 2 bookies instead of 6 or 7. In order to decide where we will bet it´s important to consider these 3 factors:


The safety of our deposits. There are bookmakers that offer very high odds but their financial strength and reliability are very doubtful. If you have any doubt with a certain bookie you can visit SportsbookReview and BookmakersReview to check if your deposits might be at risk.
High odds.

Availability of medium or high limits. There are bookies that offer high prices but they only let you bet a handful of euros, so attaining those odds is not very realistic. Moreover, most of the bookmakers limit regular winners. Anyway, it can be interesting to open accounts in some of these bookies as your average odds will be higher and it will take some time before they limit your winnings. In Sports with higher liquidity like Football, the limits are generally lower and it’s generally easier to find odds with low limits.

In Eurosport we really consider the above criteria and we suggest betting mainly in Pinnacle and . In our opinion both of these are compulsory for any serious bettor, whether the sport is Tennis or Football. For second tier choices for serious bettors you can trust our partners:


- 5Dimes
- 188Bet

When publishing our picks we only compute odds from these bookmakers mainly. We don’t think it’s serious to register other bookies higher odds so that our statistics look better.


How can I pay the subscription?

You can make the payment via Skrill (Moneybookers).


- If you already have a Skrill Moneybookers account: You will only have to introduce your personal details to make the payment.

- If you don’t have aSkrill Moneybookers account: In just some seconds you can create your Moneybookers account and pay with any credit card.

Can I get a free trial?

No. we do not practice free trials as we feel that such requests are both unfair to our paying members and pointless. There is nothing you can learn about us during the free trial which you couldn't find out normally by monitoring our progress before you buy our tips.


Do you send the tips by email or SMS?

No, we provide instant access to the tips on site after you make payment. Login to your account and access the tips, Tomasz Moore, Patryk Chewicki and Marco Hang on site after your payment has been approved. Is it that simple. This is to allow you to make a late decision on your purchase.

Your service is very expensive. Don't you think you should lower the price?

First of all, given our overall results, we feel that our price offers you value for money. Second, our asking price allows us to get quality over quantity when it comes to our members - we want our clients to be serious betting people making an investment in order to increase their overall profit, and not newbies and university students expecting a paid service to produce a 'rags to riches' scenario. We feel that most serious punters will recognize us as a good investment opportunity, while our asking price will make most of the newbies opt against joining us, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

What is the bank size and money management you recommend?

We bet flat, and advise you to follow us with flat stakes. The most conventional approach would be to follow us with 2% of your betting bank and under no circumstances should you take our bets with more than 3% of our betting bank.